Vlog #1








After loads of requests for this type of video, I have officially pulled the trigger on a Vlog.  Most of this is explained in the video so I don’t want to distract you from the vlog itself but I plan on Vlogging when I get to do cool stuff.  When I go to big shows, really cool fishing trips, tying demos, etc.  Keep any eye on the Fly Fishing the Ozarks Facebook page, Instagram page, and this site to see where the vlogging train will stop next.

Vlog #1 Art

  1. Love the tying videos and the compilation videos. I do not actually tie myself. I was fortunate to marry a beautiful woman who loves craft type projects and when I got into fly fishing she asked if she could try tying. I said “of course” of course not really expecting a lot. She now ties everything for me and she has used your videos to get started. Now she make her own designs (which work fantastic and have caught some of my biggest fish). She likes to play with the designs you post on youTube and I enjoy using them. I would like to say thanks and tight lines.


    • Awesome! Sounds like you have a keeper! Tell her thanks for watching, and keep up the good work.

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