Streamer Chronicles Season Two Trailer

Streamer Chronicles simply started as a project that I thought would be fun.  I knew the general, streamer-loving population would dig it—–but I didn’t know that YOU would dig it as much as you did.  The first season was a smashing success, blowing numbers far beyond what I really thought might happen.  Season Two brings new faces, and even more different ways of looking at this little niche in the small world of fly fishing that we call Streamer Fishing.  This season we have Montana Fly Company fly designer, Rich Strolis–Musky guide and general cool guy, Chris Willen–Former pro soccer player and streamer crazy world traveler, Paul Zagorski–White River guide and shop owner, Steve Dally–Swedish Fly Tyer, Andreas Andersson–and Michigan Guide and Fly Designer Russ Maddin.


Trailer Thumbnail

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