Streamer Chronicles – Episode 4

A little backstory……  Every good experiment (like Streamer Chronicles) has to have a control.  Erik Griffen is the control of Streamer Chronicles.  You see, Erik is 17, and a fisherman of mine.  The first time him and his dad came to fish with me, I was rigging a nymphing rig for him and he (VERY politely) asked “Um, excuse me sir, do you care if I throw streamers all day instead of nymphing”…….For a 13 year old kid to say that, he grabbed my attention to say the least.  The kid can fish, he handles the stick as good or better than most guys twice his age (and acts twice as old as most of those guys too).  But bottom line—-I wanted to see what the next generation of streamer fisherman had to say–and he drops some GEMS!

Erik Art Elephant

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