First Nymph Tying Video!!

First, the Streamer Tying Videos aren’t going anywhere—the Fly Fishing the Ozarks viewers just get double the amount of tying videos now!  I am going to try to stick to the same format that I do the Streamer Videos as well, specific tyers in a series format.

Rich Strolis is a jack of all trades, streamers, nymphs, everything.  So I thought it would be cool to start off with him while I am doing the second round of his streamers.

Rich Strolis’s Shimmer Stone

Hook – Dai Riki 270 
Bead – 5/32″
Antennae – LifeFlex 
Underbody – Lead Wire .025 
Tail – LifeFlex
Body/Wing Case – Flash Back 
Body – D-Rib
Thorax – Hare’s Ear Plus
Legs – Hen 

Shimmer Stone Art resized 3



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